Achieve better access to films through Data Mining

Achieve better access to films through Data Mining

SCO is excited to announce the SCO Data Mining website.  A tool that small cinema operators can use to achieve better access to content.

As cinema owners, we continuously fight to get good outcomes for our communities by negotiating the policy and terms for access to films.  Our industry uses a Code Of Conduct (Click to Read) , which all film distributors are a signatory to.  The code stipulates that any cinema must be treated fairly and similarly.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  The information found on the data mining website can be used to argue this point.  To argue for better conditions and better access to content.

SCO hopes that, over time, we can achieve similar treatment as seen in many European countries.  In Sweden, for example, all cinemas, regardless of their size and whether or not they are run by local councils, have access to films on day of release.  The maximum policy is 1 session per day for the first week only. The maximum terms is 45% first week. Minimum guarantee is $130.  If SCO can help push us closer to these conditions in Australia, it would allow smaller cinemas to offer far better outcomes to their communities.


Please check out the Data Website by clicking
on the LINK or IMAGE below

This project has taken 8 months of work. The site is now ready for public access.  We hope SCO members can take advantage of this data mining tool.

What other initiatives is SCO working on?

We have many more ideas in development that we will roll out over time. 
This includes information and guides to take advantage of digital delivery, expected to be the standard within 1-2 years.  Prepare now and take advantage of the savings when it arrives.

If you have any feedback or would like to discuss this further, please get in touch at the number or email below.

Wishing you all the best with your cinema.

James Gardiner
Founder, Small Cinema Owners Association
mob: 0412997011

Published: 2019-07-05
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James is the Founder of Small Cinema Owners Association. He is also known for his YouTube channel CineTechGeek, has been involved with ISDCF and the formation of the digital cinema technologies, is a member of SMPTE. For a job he runs three small regional cinemas in Australia.