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As a member of the Small Cinema Owners Association (SCO), you have access to resources offed by SCO.  These include, legal advice, and online services portal.

To become a member of “Small Cinema Owners” association, you must own or operate a small cinema.  You must not be connected to a larger cinema chain or organisation.

In the form below, you must supply detail about the cinema you are connected with.  Your application will take a few days to process and qualify.

Please fill in the following form to apply for a Small Cinema Owner Membership.  After the form is submitted, please wait for the administrator to review your form for approval.  You will be Emailed after it is reviewed.
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Password must be at least 7 characters long.

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To qualify for SCO membership, you must be a cinema owner or operated of a small cinema. You must supply suitable detail in this form to allow qualification of your location, Address, Website, Email that is connected with Website, or phone number that we can call to qualify you. Please add any additional details to help qualify your membership here.