Free Cost Saving Tools

SCO is excited to announce free cost saving tools for small cinemas.

  1. Online QC and content delivery solution.
  2. LMS (Library Management System), cinema-catcher-app

See more about these free tools and how to access them below.

Online QC and content delivery solution

Please see the Newsletter HERE intoducing the tools.

To find out more, watch the video introduction below.

SCO free Tools for Small Cinemas

To access the tools website goto

LMS (Library Management System), cinema-catcher-app

cinema-catcher-app is a free tool made available to call cinema owners. It is especially applicable to smaller cinemas without a TMS solution. However, even larger chains may fine many unique features of the software unique and desirable. For more information on the tool and how to install it, please see the GitHub pages that has the latest manuals and installation instructions. It is hoped more features will be added over time.

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