Following is a brief outline of a number of common questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly for any query you have.

The industry already has ICA, why do we need SCO?

ICA’s (Independent Cinema Australia) focus is on the general independent cinema. This includes mini majors and larger 5+ screen locations. It also has a more commercial focus requiring members to pay an amount per screen for yearly membership fees. SCO is specifically focused on the smaller cinema owner, many of which are not ICA members due to cost.

SCO is an organisation that specifically focus on small cinemas and the community aspects of running a small cinema.

Who can be a member of SCO?

As long as you qualify as a Small Cinema Owner (3 or less screens) and have no ownership or association with an entity that represents larger cinema bodies (i.e. any location with 4+ screens), you can become an active member of SCO.

It is not within the interest of SCO to allow entities that represent or are connected to larger cinema bodies or entities as we feel that would cause a conflict of interest.

SCO considers all locations with 3 or less screens as members. However, to become an active member, you must apply. Once you are an active member, you will have access to the benefits SCO offers to its community.

I am a member of ICA, can I be a member of SCO?

Of course. As long as you fit within our active membership criteria, you can participate in SCO and access its benefits.

What if I have multiple locations of small cinemas?

As long as every location you have is 3 screens or less, yes. If you have a single small cinema location but are affiliated with a larger entity or association that represents larger entities. No. See “Who can become a member of SCO above?”

What beneifts does SCO give me as a smaller exhibitor?

SCO is a resource full of like minded people. The obvious benefits are:

  1. A place to go and ask question in regards to the operation of your cinema. From where to get concessions at the best price to how to best deal with distributor negotiations.
  2. SCO hopes to build relationship with service providers and access services at discounted rates. This will help its members save time and money in the operation of their cinema.
  3. A place to come to find similarly passionate people who love film and the community that develops around the shared experience.

SCO is free? There must be a catch?

No catch. Yep it is free.

At the very least we would like members to contribute with comments and experience so other members can benefit from them. Some members may feel they would like to contribute more. As an example, the online tools SCO will launch are based around tools other members have created for themselves. We are simply making them widely accessible.

Is my participation in SCO public?

Due to an indication from members showing a preference to stay anonymous as to avoid repercussions from distributors, the member list is private. If you participate in SCO you will be seen by other SCO members.

What is the definition of a small cinema?

A small cinema is a location that has the ability to show theatrical releases at the date of release. This requires the location has DCI certified equipment used to playback the DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) and security requirements required by the distributors.