About SCO

SCO was started by James Gardiner, a small cinema operator, in March 2019. Its purpose is to bring together smaller exhibitors in Australia who typically service regional locations.

Small cinemas, many of which are located in regional areas, have a good understanding of community and how bringing community together is a powerful tool. It is through community that regional areas can survive in hard times and thrive in good times.

The goal of SCO is not only to form a community of similar minded Small Cinema Owners, but to also help them thrive by bringing multiplex ideas and knowhow. Acting as a group, utilising innovative technologies, together we can archive many of the savings typically only accessible by larger multiplex cinemas or chains.

By sharing our know how and resources, we can not only become better cinemas supplying a better service to our communities. We can also improve and expand into other regional areas. By making Smaller Cinema operators more efficient, SCO hopes to expand the reach of Cinema by growing the access to regional areas that currently have no cinemas whatsoever.

SCO is a free association limited to those who qualify as small cinema operators. Like many communities, we help and invest in our communities out of our good will.