• Small Cinema Owners Unite

    Running a small cinema has it challenges, SCO is a resource to help small cinemas connect with their community.

  • Small Cinema Owners Build Community

    In the era of the mobile screen, building community by bringing people together has reached a new level of importance. SCO offer services to help small cinema embrace this trend.

  • A shared experience is key

    A cohesive community is driven by forming relationships. When a community is under pressure, it is our relationships with the community that keeps us afloat.

A community of small cinema owners

Small cinemas understand the meaning of community. It is core of their existence. SCO is a community to bring those cinemas together to form a community of "Small Cinema Owners" (SCO). Relying on each other to ensure we all survive and thrive.

How does SCO help a small cinemas

Like any community, we rely on each other. All services, tool and information offered by SCO are donated by SCO members.


SCO in a community of cinemas that share knowledge and knowhow

Data Mining

Data mining enables you to make better and well informed decisions

Member Benefits

As a community, coming together has its benefits

Know your rights

Get a clear understanding of the industry code of conduct and how it affects you

Australian Content For Australian Communities Initiative

SCO has launched a new initiative to improve conditions for the small cinema owner.

Data Mining tools for members

Know were you stand with SCO Data mining tools. From ticket price to policy conditions, you can dig deep into understanding where you sit in the market.