SCO Education

Running a small cinema is a very niche career requiring very specific education and training. Above and beyond selling concessions/CandyBar and movie tickets, a cinema owner needs to understand his legal position in obtaining content, how to send reports to distributors and finally, the technical understanding to make the digital cinema equipment work as required.

Below you will find resources to help with these topics.  Pointing you in the right direction so you have more time to run your cinema and promote it in your community.

The CineTechGeek youtube channel is an amazing source of technical knowhow for the cinema operator. James Gardiner, the CineTechGeek (james . gardiner @ cinetechgeek . com) is a member of SCO and welcomes questions from SCO members. If the questions are common, CineTechGeek will likely produce a video on the topic.

Remember, we are a community of small cinemas that share and help each other. Together we are stronger and can go further. Don’t be afraid to ask a question.